I’m Anna-Leena Kilpeläinen, an architect and designer from Finland currently living in Norway. I’ve graduated as an architect, MSc from Tampere University of Technology in 2018 specialized in educational buildings and as a designer, MA from Aalto University in 2013 with printed textile design specialization.


As an architect I’m experienced in interior and furniture design for public buildings. Recently I’ve been working directly with cities and municipalities in Southern Finland, I have served as project architect as well as lead architect on interior and furnishing projects. My general work has included offices, restaurants, and libraries while my more recent work has focused on schools and daycare projects. I actively integrate participatory design into my projects and work closely with clients to involve them in building a shared vision.


I place great value on sustainability, which I try to integrate into all aspects of my work. I draw particular inspiration from the world of textiles, with influences ranging from traditional craft techniques to high-tech smart materials.


I’ve just started my own business and I’m open for new work opportunities.

Have any questions? I’m always keen on new projects, creative opportunities and collaborations.